Curt Shilling and Corporate Support of Perversion

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It is no surprise to me that ESPN fired Curt Shilling over his Facebook post criticizing “transgendered” people. While the photo Shilling used was a bit risque, his comments were in line with natural law and common sense. Despite those academics and leftists who believe in the “social construction of reality” and that “sex is biological, but gender is socially constructed,” reality continues to rise above the grave the Left has tried to dig for it.

Leftists claim that since there are some people born as hermaphrodites, and the doctor “chooses” their gender for them, this means that gender distinctions are wholly social in nature. However, this is not the case–it is inaccurate to look for standards of normality in the aberrant. No one does this in ordinary life. If a child is born with a heart defect, no one says, “This is normal, so we should accept the child as is and do nothing for her.” Instead, surgeons correct the problem. If a schizophrenic cannot function due to paranoid delusions, we do not say, “That’s just normal for him; we can let him be as is and protect his schizophrenic status.” Instead, we give him medication to regulate his serotonin levels. If someone says, “I was born as a man but feel like a woman,” then the best thing for that person is treatment of his delusion rather than celebrating his alleged “self-chosen gender.”

Gender is sex. That is a biological fact, and no amount of slick language by social constructionists can change that face. Transgendered people are pretending they are something they are not. They are men play-acting at being women and vice-versa. Their behavior is a perversion of human nature. The contemporary “acceptance” of such perversion as “normal” is insane and a denial of reality.

Mr. Shilling’s comments, while stated in rather colloquial language, were on the spot. They are true. ESPN cannot hide that truth by firing Mr. Shilling. ESPN and other multinational corporations have become supporters of perversion. They oppose North Carolina keeping the common-sense distinction between men’s and women’s restrooms. They bully states who pass such laws or who try to pass such laws, attempting to force them into submission–or they make policies forcing their radical social agenda on the public. An example is Target’s recent decision to allow “transgendered” men and women to use restrooms of the opposite sex.

As James Kalb has noted, Corporations desire human beings to be machines who can be molded at will into tools for the corporations to make money. They promote a libertine attitude toward perversion because people who “exclude” get in the way of a “harmonious workforce,” that is, a group of interchangeable parts.

States must resist such corporate pressure. North Carolina is doing the right thing in holding firm to the law requiring separate restrooms for the sexes. It is time for states where most people still hold to some kind of natural law view of human beings to resist the corporations. Support small business and much as possible. Stop giving mega corporations tax breaks. If companies bully over “the transgendered,” ban those companies from doing business in the state. We are submissive to corporate support of evil because we have willingly submitted ourselves as de facto slaves to powerful multinational corporations. It is time for people who have not been brainwashed by academia, the media, and Hollywood to stand against corporations who desire to force the anti-natural down people’s throats.

ESPN, like most media, is controlled by Leftists who are reshaping the United States into a twisted wasteland of moral relativism and sexual perversion. Mr. Shilling should be proud of standing for the truth, even though he lost his job. If enough people stand for the truth, perhaps corporate profits can be cut, and that is the one factor that matters to corporate executives. This was shown when Cracker Barrel reversed its decision to avoid carrying “Duck Dynasty” products after Phil Robertson’s statements against homosexual activity. Many of its customers were Christians, and they stood up in mass against the new policy–and their voices mattered. More Christians and other people of all backgrounds who oppose sanctioning perversion should stand up to corporate moguls and say, “No more!”

The Bullied and the Rescuer–Why Trump Gets so Much Support


Suppose you are in third grade and a much bigger kid beats you up regularly, steals your lunch money, and otherwise makes your life miserable. This happens every school day and gets to the point that you dread going to school. One day another kid comes to you and says, “I’m tired of that big kid beating up on you. Next time I see him I’m going to beat him up.” You find that hard to believe; the boy has never helped you before and never seemed to care for anybody but himself. But the next time the bully attacks you, the other boy jumps in and beats the bully up. You trust the boy who helped you, and now you will do anything to help him. A year later, when he runs for homeroom president, you are his biggest supporter.

Today many people in the United States feel bullied. Some feel bullied by the bankers and investment firm CEOs that helped create the 2008 crash that left millions of people without jobs. Others are Evangelical Christians who feel beaten down and silenced by politically correct bullying by both the Left and Right. Others who may not be Evangelical Christians are still tired of so many people getting offended at anything a person says and using that offense to bully someone out of a job, often ruining the person’s career. It seems that speaking itself will become a crime one day.

Then Donald Trump walks into the room. He is crude, he is crass, and he has no regard for what he says nor how much he offends others. He is definitely not politically correct, something protesters at his rallies understand, which is one reason they hate him. For the non-elites, the common people who feel bullied, Trump comes across as a savior. “If Trump were in, he wouldn’t let any of these jerks intimidate him. He’d just tell political correctness to go to hell.” Trump comes across to many people as the rescuer, just like the rescuer of the bullied boy in the story. Thus Trump’s supporters will be loyal to him and are willing to do anything they can to help him get elected.

I voted for Ted Cruz because I am not sure Mr. Trump is stating his true convictions–he seems to be saying what people want to hear in order to get elected. However, “I’m mad as hell” with political correctness myself, and understand the appeal of Mr. Trump. If he gets the Republican nomination, I will probably vote for him in the general election. It is risky, and I would vote with trepidation, but like many people, I am sick and tired of being intimidated by elites who try to silence speech with which they disagree. If Mr. Trump can put a dent in that trend, that, at least, would be a good thing.


How Obergefell Really Happened – Crisis Magazine

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Without a doubt Obergefell was crammed down our throats, as were all the lower court decisions that overturned 34 state laws and constitutional changes voted upon by citizens. But, it is hard to see that Obergefell would have ever happened if the ground had not been prepared, if those five Supreme Court justices could not …

Source: How Obergefell Really Happened – Crisis Magazine

Why Attractions and Emotions Become ‘Identities’ – Crisis Magazine

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For years to come, a range of experts and armchair analysts will likely argue about the origins of same-sex attraction and “gender” confusion and to what extent either counts as a psychological disorder. But there is one aspect of the LGBTQ(etc.) phenomenon that, seems to me, is beyond dispute: basing identity on attractions and feelings …

Source: Why Attractions and Emotions Become ‘Identities’ – Crisis Magazine

I No Longer Say “Chair” – Crisis Magazine

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A boxer who strikes a painful blow knows quite well to keep pounding the delicate spot. He knows when his opponent is hurt and he strikes the same spot over and over again. If there is a tiny cut above the eye, he keeps pounding the cut so that the bloody trickle becomes a torrent. …

Source: I No Longer Say “Chair” – Crisis Magazine

Impediments to Voluntary Action in Disease

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Most of us think we have free will, and most of us realize that there are limits to free will. If someone has, for example, a lesion in the brain, he or she might behave differently than normal without realizing what is happening. Aristotle discusses the case of a drunk person who commits a crime while drunk without realizing at the time what he was doing. He says that the wrong action itself is not voluntary; however, since the decision to drink too much was voluntary, the drunk person is responsible for his action.

Nature and nurture both cooperate in limiting our practical range of choices. Our heredity can set basic personality traits, environment can modify them, and we have learned that environment can modify a person’s genetics. A person’s own decision can modify his genetics as well–this discovery and others is the reason why epigenetics is a hot field in current biology.

Someone with schizophrenia who behaves in a destructive way due to the disease process in his body is making choices based on the fantasy world view characteristic of schizophrenics. The choice is voluntary in a way, but since it is based on an illusion caused by the illness, the choice is ultimately so constrained as to be involuntary. The same is true of other psychoses as well as most of the Class B personality disorders. Voluntary choice is constrained due to traits that sometimes result in the disintegration of the personality. A person does not have to reach the extreme of dissociative identity disorder to suffer from a fragmented personality. Overwhelming emotions characteristic of the Class Bs can interfere with voluntary action; the impulses can cause an adrenaline rush that can interfere with judgment, and in extreme cases a temporary dissociation can occur. I have struggled with my views on this matter over time. I have met psychologists who say that these persons have free will and have decided to focus on the self, and that such focus is characteristic of egotism and is evil. I once believed this was the case; however, on reading accounts of recovery from some of these conditions, including recovery from the notorious borderline personality disorder, I have reconsidered. J. R. R. Tolkien considered the Rin to be too great a temptation for anyone to bear–a temptation that a person could not resist. Perhaps overwhelming waves of emotion can temporarily limit the scope of voluntary action. The situation would be similar to those who are drunk or on drugs and have impulses they often cannot control. The difference is that in the case of mental illness, environment (and in some cases heredity) have molded a person into unhealthy patterns of behavior that may be too difficult to voluntarily resist. What are the options for such individuals?

It seems to me that the option is to seek treatment, just as alcoholics who are not forced to do so by the criminal justice system must voluntarily decide to be treated if they have any chance to be helped. I am not sure that a schizophrenic recognizes the need for help. If someone with one of the Class B personality disorders avoids denial and seeks treatment, it is possible, with a patient therapist and a long-term therapeutic relationship, for that person to be successfully treated. Dialectical behavior therapy, for example, has been useful in treating borderline personality disorder. The alternative, at least for this condition, is grim. BPD individuals do not intend to hurt others–not for sheer “meanness.” It stems from splitting (which I call “individualized Manicheanism” that puts a person into the “all good” category one moment and the “Satanic evil” category the next moment. Much of the behavior is the attempt of the fragmented personality to survive. Jesus said that “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” Could it be that a personality divided against itself can cause the body to be divided against itself? Some people with various mental conditions are in poor physical health. While that may be due to poor eating and exercise habits, I wonder if a mental disorder can be in a one-to-one correspondence with a physical disorder. Is it possible, for example, for a divided personality to cause the body to be divided against itself? If so, would the physical disease be eased or reversed if the disparate patches of personality could once again join into one? I suppose that is possible. Such a task would involve a skilled therapist with top-notch skills and the wisdom, as well as the knowledge, to help a person become whole again. My hope and prayer is that, with God’s help, all those who suffer from actions that are, at least in part, beyond their control due to illness, physical and/or mental, will heal.

Materialism, Positivism and the Politics of Modern Science – Crisis Magazine

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I was pleased to read in Crisis “The Origins of Modern Materialism,” in which Theodore Rebard notes the rediscovery of Lucretius’s De Rerum Natura in 1417 and its subsequent employment by Descartes, Hobbes and other modern philosophers in their efforts to formulate a modern synthesis of knowledge based on quantifiability. Professor Rebard also points to some …

Source: Materialism, Positivism and the Politics of Modern Science – Crisis Magazine

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