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A study at the University of Western Ontario ( says that egg yolks increase the risk for heart disease with their high cholesterol content. The argument over whether egg yolks will help you or kill you has gone full circle–from “eggs will kill you” in the 1960s and 1970s to “eggs are really good for you and won’t kill you,” and now back again to “eggs will kill you.” I must be lucky, for the only eggs I can stand are either scrambled (thoroughly) or eggs that go into a (very large) omelet. But what about those poor souls who love eggs and just can’t do without them? Are they destined to die young, felled by a soft, yellow egg yolk that looks like sunshine itself?

This is the dilemma that occurs as a result of conflicting scientific studies: Whom do you believe? Americans tend to love Puritans, but since they don’t believe in Puritanism regarding sin, they become food Puritans instead. “Don’t eat that egg! It’s a moral imperative!” For those food Puritans who believe that eggs will kill you, their battle against the demonic yolk is a moral crusade. The Puritans will not rest until eggs have been eliminated from every American’s table.

Since I don’t care much for eggs, I believe I have some moral authority to tell the anti-egg crown to take their Puritanism and stuff it in a dark spot that perhaps they could light up with a bright yellow egg yolk. Even if eggs have high cholesterol, I doubt that an occasional yolk will form the fatal clot that clogs a major coronary artery. Some people, unlike activist scientists and medical doctors, actually prefer to enjoy life without scientists berating them for what they eat. Humpty Dumpty needs to lead a protest movement against those who so unkindly insult him. I will inform you, in case you were worried, that Humpty Dumpty has fully recovered from his injuries. His diet also includes more than tofu and yogurt.

Food is required for our life, but enjoying food is one of the simple and great joys of life. As long as any food item is enjoyed in moderation, it will not harm most people. There may be some genetically vulnerable individuals who had better avoid eggs, and scientists will continue to argue about the dangers of the yolk, but for those who can eat them and enjoy them I say, “Bon Appetit!”