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The United States, through the IMF, of which the U. S. is the majority owner, is pumping 250 billion dollars into the EU-IMF Stability Fund. Unlike the Marshall Plan after World War II, which helped keep Communism out of Western Europe and helped rebuild and stabilize Europe, this plan supports an organization which should quietly pass out of existence.

Since the fall of the Western Roman Empire in the 5th century, there have been several attempts to restore the political unity of Western Europe. Charlemagne, in A. D. 800, proclaimed a new Roman Empire, which quickly broke down into competing dukedoms and fiefdoms. The area that is now Germany was not part of the original Roman Empire and already had a different language from the languages developing out of Vulgar Latin that would later become the modern Romance Languages. The barbarian invaders had brought their unique cultures with them into the Roman territories where they settled, and the mix of barbarian and Roman culture produced very different cultures in different areas. The Holy Roman Empire kept the fiction of a European union, but it was basically a group of German petty states controlled by nobles (Germany was not unified as a nation-state until Bismarck did it in 1871). The Bishop of Rome kept an ecclesiastical unity in the West until the Protestant Reformation. But after the Reformation and  after the Feudal era, modern nation-states arose, especially with the Peace of Westphalia  in 1648. But the dream of European Unity did not end.

The European Union was an attempt to create at least an economic union with its own currency, the Euro. Britain, which treasures its independence, kept its own currency, the Pound, although it sends representatives to the European Parliament. But the European Union is intrinsically unstable. Europe has never had the linguistic and cultural unity it had before the fall of the Western Empire, and it lost its religious unity in the 1500s. There is not even a religious vision of the world shared by Europeans given the decline of Christianity and the rise of radical secularism. But French and German Marxists attempted to impose a union upon Europe that is an illusion more than a reality. To continue to support the boondoggle of the European Union is contrary to the best interests of the European nations in the so-called Union, but is also a waste of money for the United States.