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I never believed that any administration would run roughshod over the constitution as much as that of Mr. Bush and Mr. Cheney. I was wrong. The present administration is worse. To sue the state of Arizona passing a measure to enforce federal immigration law is one thing. To threaten to sue Sheriff Joe Arpaio is beyond belief. These events mark a dangerous extension of federal power against state and local governments. Hopefully these efforts will not succeed, but the suit and threat of a suit should never have happened. Does this administration believe that it can run over the will of the people? Apparently so.

Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the Democratic-led House of Representatives, is even worse. She desires to investigate those “financing” the opponents of the mosque in New York. Never mind that 63% of the American people oppose the mosque, and never mind that the issue is not one of religious tolerance, but of a lack of propriety. The Roman Catholic Church once stopped a convent from locating near Auschwitz, the Pope stopped that project from going forward due to quite understandable protests. Auschwitz, like Ground Zero, is hallowed ground. Just as it is unfitting to build a convent near Auschwitz, so it is unfitting to build a mosque near Ground Zero. This is not an argument by nutcases; even if one disagrees with the argument, it is a reasonable one. To investigate opponents of the mosque smacks of government harassment of private citizens and organizations in the worst way. Sometimes I wonder how far the United States is from passing its own “Enabling Act.”