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The recent North Korean attack on a South Korean island was unjustified and typical of the behavior of the hard-core Maoist government. As much as the United States finds the attack reprehensible, this is a conflict in which the U. S. should not be involved. No national interest of the U. S. would be served by participating in any renewed Korean War. It would only enrich the pockets of those in the military-industrial complex, strain the U. S. military to the breaking point, and cause perhaps irreparable damage to the U. S. economy. South Korea has solid, modernized military forces and could outlast North Korea in any extended conflict. If full scale war breaks out and China becomes involved to support North Korea, such a situation would remain an Asian matter for Asian countries to resolve.

For years the U. S. forces in South Korea have been sitting ducks–any full-scale North Korean attack on U. S. bases would be devastating to the Americans. The number of American troops (over 28,000) is insufficient to make either a significant tactical or strategic impact in any full scale war. It is long past time to remove all U. S. troops from South Korea.

I can hear Neoconservatives whining now, “You are a wimp–you just want to run–you don’t want to defend our allies.” Such claims are ridiculous and the Neocons know it. In supporting fully the national interests of the United States, my position is more “patriotic” than that of the Neocons, who would sell out the good of the United States in foreign conflicts.

Wars are ultimately bad for the economy and are bad for freedom. The U. S. cannot afford to get involved in another war. Let South Korea, which is perfectly able to take care of herself, do so.