Tax (Photo credit: 401K)

A young couple works hard and saves for years to make a downpayment on a house. Luckily, interest rates are low, and they are able to get a 15-year loan at an excellent rate. The house is paid off on time. However, due to the husband being laid off at work and the wife having health problems, the couple gets so far behind on their county taxes that the county seizes their home and sells it at an auction. The family is left homeless.

I am sure such situations are repeated time and time again in our society and in many other societies as well. I suggest that such a system is unjust. If a state wishes to have a system of private property, then when a person or persons has worked hard and paid for that property, it should belong to the person who purchased it, period. The property tax system punishes those successful enough to buy property and pay for it on time–if they have a difficult financial time and cannot afford to pay, what they have paid for fairly is seized–that is stolen–by the state. This is highway robbery of the most egregious kind. I believe that the current system of property taxes should be abolished. Perhaps a flat tax with no loopholes might be better–anything other than a system that gives the state power to seize property that was paid for. A lifetime of labor can be erased by one period of difficult circumstances. With more and more people not owning property and envying those who do, it will be practically near-impossible to change the current system. The acquiescence of property owners to such injustice also fuels its continuation. It is time for property owners to take a step beyond trying to reduce property taxes and try to have them abolished altogether.