De Facto Treason

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A loose coalition of Democrats, mainstream Republicans, and mainstream media figures are traitors against the United States of America. They are attempting a coup against the duly elected president of the United States, Donald Trump, by appealing to a concocted story of collusion between Mr. Trump and his allies and Russia to alter the results of the 2016 presidential election. With the help of Obama operatives already appointed in the federal agencies, especially the intelligence community, they have orchestrated “leaks” from unnamed sources who may or may not be real persons. I would bet that at least some of them are made up. Those in power do not like to be challenged. Like the bureaucracy of ancient Rome, the powers behind the scenes are often the most powerful figures in a nation. For the United States, that is a dangerous situation, threatening the integrity of what is left of the republic.

None of this should be a surprise. Power corrupts, and the entrenched powers in the federal bureaucracy hate Mr. Trump for challenging them. In the past, outsiders have had mixed results, with Andrew Jackson finding some success, but Jimmy Carter being caught up in battles with his own party in Congress, similar to the situation in which Mr. Trump finds himself.

In addition, anarchists, Marxists, and other radical groups have joined together in violent protests against the expression of any conservative views or of any support for Mr. Trump. They are sending a clear message that if they do not remove Mr. Trump in a bloodless coup, they will take the opposite route. Spoiled, stupid millennials have listened to aging baby boomer New Leftists and are protesting something they know not what. Blinded by public school educations and leftist propaganda from colleges and universities, they have lost the ability to think and only react like zombies. There are exceptions, but most millennials make up a generation second in destructiveness only to the spoiled baby boomers who sponsored the 1960s cultural revolution.

The only group that has kept the United States from falling into a shooting civil war have been the subset of the working classes who supported Mr. Trump. With elites trying to reverse an election through lies and innuendo and a congressional and court witch hunt, those individuals may come to believe their only option is violence.

The politicians and media elites involved in this attempted coup should be arrested and charged with treason. If convicted, they should serve prison time. Freedom of the press does not protect treason and sedition–or at least it should not. However, with both parties caught up in corruption, no one will be held responsible for this coup. Mr. Trump should fight it to the best of his ability. If this coup works, God help us all.

Ron Paul and the Media’s Blatant Lack of Integrity


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Rep. Ron Paul, who finished a hairsbreadth below Michelle Bachman in Iowa, is, in the media’s eyes, a nonentity. This reveals the utter, complete lack of integrity in the major American media sources. The members of the mainstream media (and even Fox News) hate Ron Paul’s antiwar and libertarian views, thus they pretend that he does not exist. But to pretend that the second place winner in the Iowa straw poll does not exist is blatantly lying to the American people. The mainstream media is beyond dishonest; it does not even deserve public respect. And Dr. Paul is not the only person or position the media ignores. The mainstream’s media’s bias toward Mr. Obama was no secret during the 2008 election. But even earlier than that, the media claimed in 1992 that the United States economy was in the worst recession since the Great Depression. The members of the media who said that were liars. The 1973-74 and 1982-83 recessions were far worse than the 1992 recession. But because the mainstream media was rooting for Mr. Clinton, it lied about the economy and helped to get the candidate of their choice elected. On issues such as abortion and homosexual marriage, the socially liberal bias of the mainstream media outlets is obvious, as is the hatred of media members of traditional Christianity. At least Walter Cronkite, who had his own liberal biases, did his homework on the facts and did not intentionally distort them–he had integrity. Not his successors in the media today.

Ron Paul offends the media by opposing their pro-war stance. The media, conservative and liberal, were cheerleaders for the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, and they ignored both the antiwar left and the antiwar right. How can opposing two needless wars be “extreme”? It is in the eyes of the morally and intellectually blinded media. The media also makes much of Ron Paul’s claims that secession is constitutional. Yet few people during the first 85 years of the American republic would have disagreed with Paul–it was only with Lincoln that the idea of “preserving the union” came into vogue, and then the illegally¬† passed Fourteenth Amendment increased the legal authority of the federal government at the expense of the states.

Neither are Ron Paul’s positions on drug legalization extreme–William F. Buckley, surely a mainstream conservative, supported the legalization of drugs. Anyone who actually believes that the war against drugs is working is so blind to reality that he could just well believe that pigs fly.

Ron Paul deserves a place among the major candidates for the Republican presidential nomination. It is a shame that the utter dishonesty of the American media will work against his receiving the recognition he deserves. Hopefully his supporters will come out and show that that it is not Ron Paul who is irrelevant–it is the American media.