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If you are from Murfressboro, Tennessee or from Rutherford County, see how many of these you can remember:

1. Cooper & Martin in Mercury Plaza Shopping Center

2. Going to the grocery store in Jackson Heights.

3. McCrory’s in Jackson Heights–does anyone remember the poster of The Beatles in the window?

4. Sullivan’s.

5. The barber shop and putt-putt golf in the basement of Jackson Heights.

6. Teenagers cruising in the 1970s at Jackson Heights.

7. The Tuesday-Wednesday flea market at Mercury Plaza.

8. Harvey’s at Mercury Plaza.

9. Going to Roses to get TV tubes tested.

10. The Santa Claus trailer outside the Roses.

11. The “rocking chair theater” behind Mercury Plaza–I took a field trip there in 1976 to see the musical “1776” and saw Stars Wars there when it came out in 1977.

12. Old men whittling on the Courthouse lawn.

13. Mr. Aubrey Weatherby, the blind candy salesman, inside the courthouse.

14. Commerce Union Bank.

15. The Rebel Maid.

16. Shoney’s Big Boy where the ladies would bring out the food to your car.

17. The Phillips 66 next to the Hardees on Broad Street.

18. The gas station (Texaco? American?) at the corner of Broad and Memorial.

19. Linebaugh Public Library in its old location where the Arts Center is today.

20. The old J. C. Penny where jeans were piled on tables.

21. Fred’s on the square–two stories, and classic novels there for a quarter.

22. Brown’s Shoe Store on the square with the Buster Brown sign and logo.

23. Mullins’ Jewelers on the square (which just moved last year).

24. Tip Top Barber shop (still there!).

25. A large JFG Coffee sign on West Main (?).

26. Byrn Motor Company–I worked there briefly on Saturdays one summer.

27. Flora’s Thrift Store on Church Street (or is it maple; in any case, near the current library near the square. I don’t remember the exact name, but I went there quite a bit with my grandparents).

28. The old IGA store on Memorial.

29. The Kroger store at the corner of Memorial and Clark.

30. Readmore Book Store–in “The Mall” and later in the Kroger shopping center on Northfield.

31. The health fair at The Mall of Murfreesboro in 1978.

32. General Electric.

33. International Paper Company.

34. The original Jackson Motel design with the large sign.

35. Firestone near the square (still there!).

36. Martin’s Drug Store on the square.

37. Goldstein’s on the square.

38. Clark’s department store.

39. Big K (the original company, not the brand now owned by K-Mart).

40. Lamb’s Restaurant and Truck Stop off the New Nashville Highway near Florence Road.

41. Pruitt’s Grocery at Florence and the New Nashville Highway.

42. Ole Taylor’s Candy Kitchen.

43. A little store where Yesteryear is today–I remember the penny mini-Tootsie Rolls back in the 1960s.

There are more places I remember, but I don’t remember their names. I hope this brings back some memories for folks from the Murfreesboro area–if anyone can name more places, you’re welcome to.