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Having grown up in Churches of Christ (although I’m a conservative Anglican now), there are certain phrases that were often used, at least when I was young. I realize that some Churches of Christ have changed quite a bit since then. These are not meant to insult or hurt anyone’s feelings–they do represent an accurate version of my experiences–maybe they do for you, especially if you’re over 40 and was reared in the Churches of Christ. I may add more parts to this thread later.

If you were reared in Churches of Christ, the following phrases may be familiar to you:

1. “Guard-guide-and-direct us”

2. “In the end, if we have been found faithful, give us a home with Thee in Heaven”

3. “Holy Father, we thank Thee for this bread, which to us represents the broken body of thy Son Jesus Christ on Calvary’s cruel cross. May those who partake of it partake in a manner well-pleasing in Thy sight.”

4. “Holy Father, we thank Thee for this cup, the fruit of the vine, which represents Christ’s shed blood on the Cross of Calvary” [Repeat the “May those” phrase from 3]

5. “Please sing the first, second, and fourth verses only”

6. “Here, believe, repent, confess, and be baptized into Christ for the remission of your sins”

7. “Separate and apart from the Lord’s Supper, we now will have the contribution”

8. “the New Testament pattern”

9. “The Church of Christ was founded in A.D. 33 on the Day of Pentecost

10. “There is a God…. He is alive…. In Him we live…. and we survive”

11. “Social drinking is sinful”

12. “Dancing is a form of lasciviousness”

13. “Acts 2:38”

14. “If you are an alien sinner, come forward and be baptized for the remission of your sins. If you a Christian who has fallen away, come forward and confess your sins. Whatever your need is, won’t you come forward as we stand and sing.”

15. “We pray for all the sick and afflicted, especially those of Thy household”

16. “The Lord’s Church”

17. At a funeral: “Was she a member of the Church?”

18. At a funeral: “Was he a Christian?” “No, he was a Baptist” [or Methodist or Catholic or…..] “Oh, that’s a shame”

19. “God commanded Noah to build an ark out of gopher wood, not out of oak or cedar. In the same way God commanded us to sing, not to use an instrument of music in the worship service.”

20. “A man called me once who had put off baptism. He was 60-years-old. On his way to church, he was killed in a car accident. Lost, lost forever for putting off what he knew he had to do to be saved.”

21. “Sad, sad that bitter wail…. almost, but lost”

22. Question: “God commands us to work, but how do we know when we’ve done enough work to be saved”

23. “Command, example, necessary inference”

24. “Don’t pollute the temple of the Holy Ghost by committing fornication”

25. “Denomationalists say…. but the New Testament says….”

26. “People don’t understand the Bible alike because the substitute the commandments of man for the pure and simple teaching of the New Testament.”

27. “Imagine baseball was forgotten and someone two hundred years later discovers a baseball rule book. That rule book contains the pattern for baseball. In the same way, the New Testament is the pattern for doctrine and practice today.”

28. “Matters of faith….” “Matters of opinion….”

29. “John’s a brother in Christ” “Susan’s a sister in Christ”

30. “You can’t be saved in a denomination”

31. From an actual sermon: “Imagine your hand is placed on a red-hot stove eye. Hold it down, listen to it sizzle. Now turn your hand around and place that side on the stove eye. Listen to it sizzle. That’s not a fraction of the pain you would feel if you went to Hell.”

32. From an actual sermon: “Jesus will either reward you forever in Heaven or torture you forever in Hell. I tell it like it is.”

33. From an actual sermon about Noah’s flood: “The water’s up to their waists–no hope! It’s up to their shoulders–no hope! It’s covering their heads–no hope! No hope! No hope! No hope! No hope! No hope!”